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Areca Plates

We are manufacturing various sizes and various shapes such as Round, Square, Oval, Rectangle and Hexagonal Shapes commonly and also consider customers specification. In India 4 lac hectors of areca crop has been cultivated. On an average about 5,400 million areca leaves are sheded and go as fuel or decomposed for manure.

The Areca leaf plate manufacturing facilities at Salem and at Madurai require 300,000 leaves per year. We procure the material from Karnataka and locally from Tamilnadu. This keeps our facilities running contineously all through the year without any break.

We believe that the use of areca leaf plates is a move in the direction of elliminating the indisciminate use of plastics which is polluting the environment in various ways: very thin plastic bags disposedas waste, choke the drainways, may find way into the intestines of cattle along with fooder, burn to emit toxic fumes when the garbage is incenerated. With higher awarence level among the public, the wreckless use of plastic is getting limited. We solicit the awakened public in strengthening our hands in bringing an eco-friendly revolution.

The used plates can find a way into the soil to become organic manure (by segregating and disposing in an organized way)

Besides bringing an eco-revolution, our industry has more contributions to:

  • Areca Nut farmers (added Income by selling the ‘waste’ leaves)
  • Leaf collection Labours.
  • Transporters
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Consumers


Usages :
Areca Leaf Plates are:


  • Healthy and Hygienic
  • Alterative to plastics
  • Can be used for serving food items in parties, Functions, Hotels, restaurants and buffets
  • Unique, Eco Friendly
  • Bio Degradable
  • Waste Utilization
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